See the latest announcements and press releases about the company and its different products and technologies.

Grundig in the press.

See the latest announcements and press releases about the company and its different products and technologies.

Product Reports

White Sense – Design accents for your kitchen

Stylishly elegant kitchen aids made by Grundig – White Sense breakfast appliances

KM 4060/4062 coffee machines for a rise-and-shine coffee aroma

Breakfast to stimulate your senses – with White Sense   

WK 4060/4062 kettles – not just for tea connoisseurs 

Nuremberg, September 2, 2011: Start your day in style: The White Sense appliances by Grundig combine reliable technology with stylish design. The brilliantly white breakfast appliances in a clear, purist design are available with metallic accents in lavender (4062) or silver (4060). The elegant coffee machines KM 4060/4062 are reliable helpers when it comes to preparing your morning coffee quickly. The White Sense toasters TA 4060/4062 and the kettles WK 4060/4062 feature latest appliance technology and fit seamlessly into any stylish kitchen. 

All White Sense products come with a 3-year warranty. That, of course, also includes the elegantly designed coffee machines KM 4060/4062 for aromatic coffee throughout your busy day. With an extra-large glass pot and water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres, you can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time. The stylish KM 4060/4062 will always have a fresh cup of coffee ready for you. The hot plate will keep your coffee hot and delicious for a long time. How many cups of coffee are left in the tank? Coffee connoisseurs have a clear view of the amount of water available. Another definite plus is the removable permanent coffee filter - good for the environment and for your budget. The automatic drip stop function allows an interruption of the brewing process at any time. The intuitive handling of White Sense coffee machines makes them uncomplicated and efficient helpers at your breakfast table. 

Crunchy and delicious – what a great start to your day 
The elegant toasters TA 4060/4062 in glossy white are available – like all other members of the White Sense family – with trendy colour accents in lavender or silver. Two extra-wide and deep toasting pockets of the models TM 4060/4062 offer enough space for any type of bread. An integrated rolls attachment allows quick re-heating or crisping of bread rolls, bagels, or croissants.
You wish to crisp or reheat some previously toasted or frozen bread? The blue LED button for reheat/defrost/stop makes it easy to operate the toaster. The TA 4060/4062 models toast thick and thin slices of bread evenly thanks to the adjustable degree of brownness. The heat insulated body prevents any burn injuries. The Grundig toasters TA 4060/4062 combine practical functionality with attractive design features.

Boiling water – with exceptional elegance
The 2200 W Grundig water kettles WK 4060/4062 will prove to be indispensable in your kitchen. With a capacity of 1.7 litres, these kettles produce boiling water aplenty in no time at all. Tip: Save electricity – boil water for cooking pasta, rice, or soup in your kettle! An automatic safety switch-off ensures that your White Sense kettle will switch off as soon as the water is boiled, or if there isn’t enough water in the kettle.
The covered heating element and the interior bottom of the kettle in premium quality stainless steel ensure hygienically boiled water and easy cleaning. The removable and washable lime filter guarantees improved water quality. In other words: nothing stands in the way of you enjoying a delicious cup of tea or hygienically boiled water for all kinds of uses. The water kettle models 4062/4060 are true champions of their kind and their longevity technology make them appliances that should be a part of any modern kitchen.

Prices and Availability

Coffee maker
RRP Coffee maker KM 4060: 59,99€; available from November 2011
RRP Coffee maker KM 4062: 59,99€; available from November 2011

RRP Toaster TM 4060: 49,99€; available from November 2011
RRP Toaster TM 4062: 49,99€; available from November 2011

Water kettle
RRP Water kettle WK 4060: 49,99€; available from November 2011
RRP Water kettle WK 4062: 49,99€; available from November 2011




Grundig KM 4060 Coffee maker
Grundig KM 4062 Coffee maker
Grundig TA 4060 Toaster
Grundig TA 4062 Toaster
Grundig WK 4060 Water kettle
Grundig WK 4062 Water kettle

Grundig White Sense - Silver
Grundig White Sense - Lavendel
Grundig Coffee maker KM 4060/4062
Grundig Toaster TA 4060/4062
Grundig Water kettle WK 4060/4062