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Foot Massager Center FM 4020

Treat your feet to pure relaxation!

Our “whirlpool for your feet” heats the water up to 44°C with its integrated heating and powerful 360 W. A constant, pleasant water temperature ensures an effective, invigorating massage and revitalises your feet.
It also stimulates the foot reflex zones and promotes the circulation.
The blue light simulation works wonders and the spa massage relaxes your muscles and helps both your blood circulation and metabolism.
The vibration massage and two rotating massage rollers stimulate the foot reflex zones and improve the blood circulation.

Foot Massager Center FM 4020
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  • Bubble massage

    Warm water foot bath with bubbles for soothing the muscles and improving blood circulation and metabolism, ideal for combining with a vibrational massage.

  • Foot reflex zone massage

    Vibrational massage and 2 rotating massage rollers stimulate the foot reflex zones and improve circulation.


Foot Massager Center FM 4020

FM 4020


  • Foot reflex zone massage by 2 rotating massage rollers
  • Bubble bath: Warm water foot bath
  • Water warms up with a built-in heater to max. 44 °C
  • Bluelight stimulation
  • Mains operation 220 – 240 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Power output 360W max.
  • Anti-slip stand
  • Colour: white / light blue


2 rotating massage rollers
white / light blue



max. 44° C
34.8 x 24.6 x 40.0

Technical data subject to change.