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    If more than clean is called for!!

    Visibly clean is not necessarily hygienic. The UC 5020 ensures things are always put right. It cleans particularly intensively and gently. Not only shaving heads and hair cutting attachments but also toothbrushes, dentures, braces, combs, jewellery, glasses, CDs/DVDs, wrist watches, cutlery and much more. It removes even the most stubborn dirt, even in places that are hard to reach. The technical data: 50 W output, 220–240 V mains operation, 43 kHz frequency. The volume of the stainless steel tank is 550 ml, and a timer is integrated for 5 minute operation intervals. Also included is a detachable strainer insert with a holder for CD/DVDs and watches.

    Recommended Retail Price*: 44,99 €

    Productcatalogue Home Appliances 2012/2013 (eBook)

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    incl. detachable cleaning basket with integrated holder for watches and CDs/DVDs
    50 W, frequency 43 kHz
    50 W, frequency 43 kHz
    220–240 V~, 50/60 Hz
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