Product Overview

Single cable system GSCR

The single cable system Grundig Sat Channel Router GSCR ensures that any subsequent conversion to satellite television is easy and convenient.

Normally, satellite reception involves guiding a special cable from the satellite dish or satellite distributor to each and every receiver. This is not the case with Grundig TVs which feature the single cable system Grundig Sat Channel Router (GSCR).Thanks to GSCR the Grundig TV series Vision 9, Fine Arts, Bundesliga Television and Vision 8 can utilise the cable infrastructure already installed in the house or a flat to transmit satellite signals. The use of the Grundig single cable system GSCR is particularly practical where installing a new, so-called star network is simply too much work. The single-cable system is even suitable for those changing from cable to satellite television and have several households or devices to provide for. The distributor, a so-called SCR multiswitch which feeds the satellite signals into the network, functions the same way as a router. Every TV set in the house has an address of its own, to which the pre-defined data is sent. Altogether, a maximum of eight units can be integrated into a GSCR system.