Getestet fürs echte Leben.

Wir bei Grundig testen, testen, testen. Und danach testen wir weiter. Wenn man die fertigen Geräte anschaut, kann man sagen, dass wir wirklich alles an ihnen getestet haben – das meiste davon sogar mehrere Male.

User Manuals

Are you trying to find an operating manual for your Grundig device?

Here are the latest operating manuals for all products for the sectors "Electronic Home Entertainment", "Personal Care", "Home Care" and "Kitchen Appliances".

Use the search functions to view and download the operating manual if required.

Enter the material code or the name of the device into the search field, for example Vision 9 for the television set. You can also shorten the name when you enter it (at least 3 characters) and you will then receive a list of products to choose from by clicking on the mouse.

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New functions after software update

If you need information about new functions that are available on your device after a software update, please indicate the software version of your device (for example, J5.-.-.-.-.V02.00900).
The software version can be found in the “Settings” menu of your TV.

You can also contact our hotline at 0911 / 590 59 730.
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