Corporations and Associations


Nero Digital™ is a revolutionary audio and video format based on MPEG-4 standard, which reduces audio and video files to a fraction of their original size making it easier to manage personal videos and share them with family and friends. Experience the highest quality playback on certified DVD players, mobile, portable and a variety of consumer electronic devices. The Nero Digital software package included with Nero Digital™ certified players, offers the most user-friendly and resourceful way to create, play and share your video library. Experience audio and video quality at its best! Look for the Nero Digital™ Certified logo.


InfoTip is the CE-Industry's After Sales Service Communication System. The InfoTip System links the CE-Industry and the service points of specialist retailers. It provides repair tips and documents on some 51.000 products in the CE-area. Users have access to spare parts lists and can order spare parts from them directly at the manufacturer's. Electronic guarantee invoicing according to the international EACEM-standard with integral IRIS-error-coding is offered at your convenience.


The "Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI) e.V.", the German electrical and electronic manufacturers' association, promotes the common economic, technological and environmental policy interests of the German electrical and electronics industry.
Grundig is an active member of this association.
More information you will find on the ZVEI-homepage


Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu) was founded in 1973 by eleven of the leading consumer electronics companies, with Grundig being one of them. It strives to support fairs and exhibitions as well as inform the public on the development of consumer electronics. The gfu homepage offers interesting information, e.g. a glossary explaining the terminology of consumer electronics.

EACEM - European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers - is an industrial association located in Brussels, that is working on the interests of the producers of consumer electronic products in Europe together with politicians, institutions and the public. Grundig AG is an active member of this association.

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