This is where you can find out about the latest Grundig LED TV technology. Learn everything about DLNA certification, SMART inter@active functions or USB Recording.


Experience television in a new dimension.

Be prepared for everything and immerse yourself in the third dimension. Experience an unparalleled home cinema experience with razor-sharp images on the LED TVs in the new Vision 9 family, featuring screen diagonals ranging from 32" to 55". The optimum combination of LED background lighting and full High Definition resolution allows you to get even closer to events and makes your favourite films even more real. The passive 3D technology in the Vision 9 LED TVs functions by means of pole filters integrated in the TV together with the corresponding 3D glasses, which polarise the light from two half pictures. This ensures the viewer‘s right and left eye see the respective TV images from slightly different perspectives. The two half-images are then merged into one spatial impression in the viewer‘s brain. Because 3D perception not only functions when the viewer is sitting directly in front of the TV, but also when the viewer shifts to one side and watches from a much wider angle of vision, we decided to include six pairs of 3D glasses with every device in the Grundig Vision 9 series (or four pairs for the 32"). This ensures you can enjoy the 3D experience from the sofa together with your family or friends.

All the Grundig Fine Arts LED TVs and the new Bundesliga television are capable of functioning in all the different formats used for 3D display, such as top and bottom, or side by side. In this case, the 3D effect is generated using active shutter glasses, which alternately obscure one eye at an unparalleled speed while the other eye is watching, and vice-versa. This allows each eye to view an image from a slightly different perspective (just like when viewing with two eyes). This produces a judder-free and sharp three-dimensional image. Both types of 3D technology allow HD programmes in a 2D format to be converted into 3D when preferred. And as you would expect, Grundig LED TVs also allow USB recording for 3D programmes received via digital DVB signals.

Our eyes perceive an object from slightly different angles of view. With experience, our brain learns to make a spatial image from this information. In Grundig 3D LED TVs, this effect is optimised with state-of-the-art technology in order to show films in the best possible 3D quality.

LED TVs with 3D technology:

Vision 9 (all types)
Fine Arts (all types)