This is where you can find out about the latest Grundig LED TV technology. Learn everything about DLNA certification, SMART inter@active functions or USB Recording.


Grundig LED TVs at the centre of your home network.

All new Grundig LED TVs (26" screen and upward) are network-compatible and DLNA-certified. This means that they can communicate with any other DLNA-certified device in your home network without any problem, even those made by other manufacturers. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is an international association of entertainment electronics, IT hardware and mobile phone manufacturers that aims to ensure perfect communication between IT devices in the home and personal use sector. The system allows you to load and play any accessible files on the network on your Grundig LED TV simply by using the remote control – so you don’t need to waste time connecting a USB hard disk or burning DVDs. Music, video and image files are transmitted to the LED TV via a wireless network (WLAN). HD video files can be loaded at an even faster speed via the built-in cable network connection. DLNA-certified Grundig LED TVs can also receive web radio via the “vTuner” service, offering a choice of more than 16,000 international radio stations to listen to in your living room. 


DLNA-certified LED TVs: 

Vision 9 (all types) 
Fine Arts (all types) 
Vision 8 (types from 26“ to 46“) 
Vision 7 (types from 26“ to 40“)