This is where you can find out about the latest Grundig LED TV technology. Learn everything about DLNA certification, SMART inter@active functions or USB Recording.

SMART inter@ctive TV

SMART inter@ctive TV: TV entertainment and information straight off the internet.

Along with the DLNA certification, SMART inter@ctive TV 2.0 in most Grundig TVs completes the networked world of Grundig. Like many other technologies, the future of television is also online, where you, the viewer, can download your entertainment programme and any other information directly. Thanks to SMART inter@ctive TV in the new Grundig LED TVs, you can access a wide range of online services conveniently and directly without having to connect through a PC. These online services appear on your screen in the form of “widgets” (graphic icons), which allow user-friendly operation and a high-quality graphic display. This gives you direct access to Facebook, YouTube, funspot, Bild.de, World Weather Online – and many others ...

Always at your service – SMART inter@ctive 2.0 

Many of the new Grundig televisions are already installed with the SMART inter@ctive TV 2.0 version. Here you can download all the online services you want directly onto your TV from Grundig’s App Store and then just access them by clicking. The internet can also be accessed using an open browser by entering the www address. Another feature of SMART inter@ctive TV 2.0 is the option of using apps (Facebook, TwitTalk and Baby Watch) at the same time as you are watching television using a split-screen display.

Welcome to the SMART world. The best entertainment awaits you.

With the new generation Grundig LED TVs, it’s not just a whole new television experience that awaits you, but also a whole new visual experience. The Grundig LED TVs with the new Digi 9300 Premium Chassis and Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor with 1.2 GHz CPU have SMART inter@ctive 3.0, providing a faster use of the apps and all other online functions. You can easily access your favourite programme directly from the diverse offer on the internet. Watch what you want to watch, when you want. Use the apps or the open browser to access social networks and all other platforms. Television and internet are continually merging into a previously unheard of, new form of entertainment that you can enjoy in outstanding picture quality: SMART Entertainment.


LED TVs with SMART inter@ctive TV: 

Fine Arts (all types) 
Vision 6 (types from 26“to 40“) 

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