This is where you can find out about the latest Grundig LED TV technology. Learn everything about DLNA certification, SMART inter@active functions or USB Recording.

USB Recording


Grundig USB recording – get a fi lm. Let the fi lm roll.

Turning your LCD TV into a USB video recorder: you can record fi lms and play them back, all without an external DVD recorder – this is USB recording. You only need a Grundig LCD TV with USB recording functions, a suitable USB stick or an external hard disk. Whether you want onetouch recording of the TV channel currently on air, a pre-set recording, or the time-shift function – many Grundig LCD TVs allow you to benefi t from the advantages of USB recording.

  • Direct recording of the digital TV channel from a satellite feed, cable or DVB-T reception onto a USB stick or external hard disk
  • Even broadcast Full HD content can be recorded and, on our 3D LED TVs, 3D shows received via digital signal as well
  • One-touch recording using the record button on the remote control
  • Pre-programmed recording via EPG or recording timer
  • TimeShift function for television with time delay
  • Recorded content can only be played on the same LCD TV


Grundig TVs with USB-Recording:

Fine Arts (all types)

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