Don’t get thrown off balance.

We all know that you feel good with Grundig – but our range of wellness and care products actively help to ensure that your body awareness and feelgood factor are always in balance.

Foot Massager Center

FM 8720

Treat your feet to pure relaxation!

You can pleasantly adjust the water temperature in 5 levels from 35° C to 48° C and control it using the LED display. Vibrational massage stimulates the reflexology zones on your feet, improves the blood circulation and refreshes your entire body. The bluelight light simulation works wonders and the spa massage relaxes your muscles and helps both your blood circulation and metabolism. With a timer for 20–60 minute operation and changeable attachments for your professional pedicure. The complete wellness and care package for sore feet!

rotating pumice_massage attachmentup_to_48CFizzy_MassageVibration_Massage10 - 60min Timer
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  • Foot reflex zone massage

    Vibration massage stimulates the foot reflex zones and improves blood circulation.

  • Individual temperature settings

    LCD display for setting your preferred water temperature with 5 settings from 35 °C to 48 °C, temperature display of the desired and actual temperature. A constant, pleasant water temperature provides an effective and invigorating massage.

  • Exchangeable attachments for pedicures

    Exchangeable attachments for pedicures, consisting of pumice stone, brush and massage rollers.



FM 8720


  • Six magnets, rotating massage rollers and approx. 400 massage nodes on the bottom of the housing
  • Vibration massage
  • Bubble massage: Warm water foot bath with water spa
  • Water warms up with a built-in heater
  • Individual temperature settings between 35° C and 48° C in five stages
  • LCD temperature display (target temperature)
  • Timer for 20 to 60 minutes of operating
  • Bluelight stimulation
  • Digital display / control panel
  • Pedicure attachments: pumic stone, brush and massage roller
  • Anti-slip stand
  • Automatic cable rewind
  • 220–240 V~, 50 Hz mains operation
  • Power output 390 W
  • Colour: white/light blue


2 rotating massage rollers + approx. 400 massage Nodes, including 6 magnets
White/light blue


3 (pumic stone, brush and massage roller)


5 settings (35° C – 48° C)

Technical data subject to change.

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